Ugandans start mobilising for anti-Museveni revolt

By Sharon Tibenda

7th February 2011

Egyptians challenging Mubarak

An online drive to mobilise ordinary Ugandans to emulate their Tunisian and Egyptian counterparts to prepare for massive and peaceful anti-Museveni protests after the elections has been launched on the internet, Uganda Correspondent can reveal.

The drive to mobilise Ugandans to prepare for peaceful protests against President Museveni’s 25 year rule was launched with the creation of a Facebook page that the organisers have called “Ugandans Against Museveni Dictatorship” [See:].  The page calls on Ugandans to go on the streets when the time is right.

In an email seen by Uganda Correspondent, Dr. Vincent Magombe, a London based Ugandan Journalist and political analyst who is one of the organisers said, “…Tunisians have done it…Egyptians are doing it… Martin Luther King called for peaceful protest as the best way to liberation.  It is our constitutional right…it is an alternative to war”.

It also appears the organisers have created more than one Facebook page.  In the same email message, Dr. Magombe added that, “…in case the regime tampers with this Facebook page, [as it did yesterday when it disabled the I LIKE box] please proceed to the standby page at

He added that, “…the call to peacefully demonstrate against the brutal regime of Yoweri Museveni is in anticipation that the regime will rig the coming elections.  Museveni will declare himself the winner.  Ugandans must now be prepared and encouraged to lose [their] fear of the guns, baton, tear gas, and get ready to stand up and demand for our freedom”.

Dr. Magombe also seems convinced that the wind of change and freedom for oppression people is blowing through the African continent.  “…It has started in Tunisia, now it is in Egypt.  It will go down via Sudan and soon it will arrive at the source of the Nile”, Magombe said.

The organisers also called on all friends of Uganda, the local and international media, to join the cause for democratic freedoms in Uganda.  President Museveni himself has in the past however scoffed at suggestions of such possibilities.  He said Uganda is a country that is led by freedom fighters and therefore an Ivory Coast, Tunisian, or Egyptian style people revolt cannot happen in it.

But it seems Museveni may be alone or among the very few people who are not worried about the possibility of protests and even violence breaking out in Uganda during or after the elections.  In our story last week, [See:  US warns its citizens of February polls violence] the US government warned its citizens to be vigilant and prepare to activate their survival plans in the event that Uganda erupts into violence.

Soon thereafter, the United Nations also issued a similar warning to its employees in Uganda.  The validity of such concerns of course remains to be seen as Ugandans prepare to vote on February 18th in an election that the opposition has said will be massively rigged by President Museveni’s ruling NRM.  END.  Please log into every Monday to read our top stories and anytime mid-week for our news updates.

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