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Every citizen should be a soldier – Gen Sejusa

By Norman Miwambo

03 June 2013:

Spitting Fire: Gen David Sejusa aka Tinyefunza

Renegade Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) General David Sejusa – aka Tinyefunza has urged all Ugandans to start thinking and behaving like soldiers in order to attain freedom in their country.

“…Every citizen should be a soldier. The highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is of bearing arms for one’s countryThis was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free State. Government, even in its best state, is but a (more…)

Muhoozi Project: We must take Tinyefunza seriously

By Dr Obote Odora

03 June 2013:

President Museveni's son Brig Muhoozi: Heir apparent?

The underpinning reasons for the desire to choose Muhoozi as a successor to his father is the First Family’s survival strategy in a post-Museveni era. To achieve that, Gen Museveni needs a poodle.  A servile or obsequious person – a person trusted to a fault to guarantee Museveni’s future and protect his wealth as well as prevent independent investigations (more…)

Uganda to benefit from $32 billion Japan aid

By John Stephen Katende

03 June 2013:

Uganda stands to scoop a slice of a $32 billion donation that Japan has promised to inject into Africa – especially to help growth on the continent and encourage Japanese firms to (more…)

ICC rejects Libya’s bid to try Saif Gaddafi

By Online Team

03 June 2013:

The International Criminal Court’s pre-trial chamber has rejected Libya’s request to try the son of late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, Saif al-Islam, the BBC has reported. (more…)

Former CAR President Bozize faces arrest

By Online Team

03 June 2013:

The Central African Republic has issued an international arrest warrant for former president Francois Bozize on charges of crimes against humanity, the public prosecutor has said. (more…)


I will throw a hot stone behind CJ Odoki’s back
By John Baptist Oloka 25th March 2013:

The media broke news of More... (0)


The late Mzee Kaguta was a naughty boy
By Lawrence Kasozi

25th February 2013: This is totally out of More... (0)


Museveni is pathological hypocrite
By Norman Miwambo

25th February 2013: I don’t believe Museveni was More... (0)


Obote is crying for his beloved country
By M. Suleman

18th February 2013: Uganda’s late president Dr Apollo More... (0)


Wake up fools: Army took over long ago
By Bernard Ddumba

4th Feb 2013: Over the last two weeks, I seriously More... (0)


NRM revolution is eating its own children
By Charles Businge

4th February 2013: In 1986, the new leadership promised More... (0)


It’s lawful to resist coup plotters – let’s do it
By Elijah M. Tumwebaze

28th January 2013: In a powerful opinion article that More... (0)


Our parliament only exists on paper
By M. Suleman

28th January 2013: Uganda is a country endowed with More... (0)


Museveni is right to call NRM MPs idiots
By M. Suleman

21st Jan 2013: In the drama that followed More... (0)


Isn’t Museveni a deranged psychopath?
By M. Suleman

17th Dec 2012: An emotional, grief-stricken, and More... (0)


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